Volume & Issue: Volume 7, Issue 4, November 2020, Pages 299-409 
Explaining the Competencies of Project Managers According To PMCDF Model

Pages 322-343


Fereshteh Mansourimoayyed; Amirmohammad Colabi; Majid Semiari

A New Hestenes-Stiefel and Fletcher-Reeves Conjugate Gradient Method with Descent Properties for Optimization Models

Pages 344-349


Saleh Nazzal Alsuliman; Sulaiman Ibrahim Mohammed; Mustafa Mamat; Deiby Salaki; Nelson Nainggolan

Fuzzy TOPSIS and Grey Relation Analysis Integration for Supplier Selection in Fiber Industry

Pages 373-383


Amol Nayakappa Patil; Shivakumar K M; Manjunath Patel G C; Somashekar P Jatti; Saish N. Rivankar