International Journal of Supply and Operations Management (IJSOM) is a scholarly peer-reviewed international scientific journal and is committed to publishing scholarly empirical and theoretical research articles that have a high impact on the engineering & management field as a whole. All aspects of the subject in relation to Logistics, Supply and Operations Management are covered. The ultimate objective of the journal is to disseminate knowledge for improving industrial practice and to strengthen the theoretical base necessary for supporting sound decision making. IJSOM will cover the full range of Industrial Engineering, Supply Chain Management, Operations Management and the other related fields. This is ensured by subjecting each paper to a strict assessment procedure by International editorial board. This journal publishes original articles reporting fields and advances in theory, methodology, applications, general surveys, reviews, and etc.


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Current Issue: Volume 7, Issue 3, Summer 2020, Pages 202-298 

2. Efficiency Evaluation in Hybrid Three-Stage network Data envelopment analysis from the Double-Frontier Standpoint

Pages 222-241


Ehsan Vaezi; Seyyed Esmaeil Najafi; Mohammad Haji Molana; Farhad Hosseinzadeh Lotfi; Mahnaz Ahadzadeh Namin

7. Managing Food Supply Chains Post COVID-19: A Perspective

Pages 295-298


Rahul S Mor; Priyanshu P. Srivastava; Richika Jain; Sanskar Varshney; Vedant Goyal

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