SD of ISC: Sustainable Development of Intelligent Supply Chains based on Trends and Future Directions: Application of Novel Solution Techniques

The issue of sustainable development (SD) represents the undeniable and indisputable fact that ecological considerations must be incorporated into economic processes. These regards comprise the idea of generating a logical environment in which development is challenged to enhance the quality of all aspects in real life. SD is in accordance with human awareness of itself and the planet’s natural resources and pursues a sustainable fashion of life for all human beings and disaccords with over-consumption, waste and omission of future generations and disassociation from the past. Hence, one of the main questions may be whether the current lifestyle is passable and whether it is suitable for this fashion of life and the application of required resources to be given to future generations?

Industries are the centers of attention to be synchronized with SD. In the literature, a variety of optimization problems have been developed to determine appropriate, eligible, and finally, optimal solutions for industries to fulfill the requirements of SD. Moreover, different solution techniques and tools have been widely utilized and designed by researchers and policy-makers to treat these complex problems. Exact, heuristic, meta-heuristic, hybrid and Artificial Intelligence (AI) based techniques are among the most applicable. It can be inferred that in the future, almost all aspects of human daily life will be influenced by the advancement of these tools. For this purpose, experts believe that the development of efficient solution techniques is rapidly transforming from a decorative tool, complicated or vague, to an exigency.

This Special Issue on “Sustainable development of intelligent supply chains based on trends and future directions: Application of novel solution techniques” enables transparent, fair, rapid communication of research that highlights the role of Operations Research (OR) and engineering in multidisciplinary fields across mathematical programming and optimization. Emphasis is on the impact, depth, and originality of novel concepts, methods, and observations in using novel techniques.

Manuscript submissions are encouraged from a broad range of related topics, which may include but are not limited to the following activities:

  • The role of Industry 4.0 for sustainable supply chain management
  • Sustainable and intelligent manufacturing systems
  • Sustainable waste management using intelligent approaches
  • AI-based optimization techniques for SD problems
  • Application of data-driven methods in SD problems
  • Application of novel uncertainty approaches in SD problems
  • Application of efficient exact solution methods for SD problems
  • Application of big data analytics in supply chain intelligence
  • Application of neural networks in supply chain intelligence
  • Application of machine learning in supply chain intelligence
  • Application of novel meta-heuristic algorithm in supply chain network design


Important Dates

Full Paper Submission will start on: 1 March 2023

Full Paper Submission will close on: 31 December 2023

Notification of First Decision: 5 months after submission

Submission of Revised Manuscript: 2 month after 1st review notification

Final Decision: 3 months after resubmission


Guess Editors

Dr. Alireza Goli (Lead Guest Editor)

Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran


Prof. Jose Arturo Garza-Reyes

Professor of Operations Management, Head of the Centre for Supply Chain Improvement

College of Business, Law and Social Sciences, The University of Derby, Kedleston Road Campus


Dr. Irfan Ali

Department of Statistics & Operations Research, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh-202002, India



Alireza Goli was born in Isfahan, Iran, in 1989. He received his Bachelor and Master Degree in Industrial Engineering from Golpayegan University of Technology (Iran, 2013) and Isfahan University of Technology (Iran, 2015) respectively. Then, he received a Ph.D. degree in Industrial Engineering from Yazd University (Iran, 2019). Now, he is a lecturer at Isfahan University which is one of the famous universities in Iran. He has published more than 60 papers in high-quality journals and conferences and has been serving as a reviewer in many reputed journals such as IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy System, Journal of Supercomputing, and Annals of Operations Research. He has reached an excellent reviewer in Publons in 2019. He has been serving as a reviewer in many reputed journals such as Supercomputing, IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy System, and expert system with application. He is working as a member of the editorial board in different journals like Journal of Applied research in Industrial Engineering, and International Journal of Applied Optimization Studies. His current research interests include supply chain management, disaster relief optimization, meta-heuristic algorithms, robust optimization, artificial intelligence, portfolio management.



Jose Arturo Garza-Reyes is currently a Professor of Operations Management and Head of the Centre for Supply Chain Improvement, College of Business, Law and Social Sciences of the University of Derby, UK. Some other activities He is involved with, apart from my research duties include: supervision of Ph.D. and master research projects, teaching, and consultancy. He has published an extensive number of papers in highly regarded peer-reviewed Journals and International Conferences, as well as seven books in the areas of operations and innovation management, quality management systems, manufacturing performance measurement systems, and continuous improvement. His main research interests are in the area of Operations and Production Management, Supply Chain and Logistics Management, Lean and Agile Operations and Supply Chains, Sustainability within the context of Operations and Supply Chains, Circular or Closed-Loop Operations and Supply Chains, Sustainable and Green Manufacturing, Industry 4.0 technologies application in operations and supply chains, Lean Management, Quality Management & Operations Excellence, Innovation Management. Currently, His research interest on business and process excellence methods has been refocused to incorporate and explore how these can enable more sustainable, greener and circular supply chains and internal business operations through the implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies.  He is also an active reviewer of more than 30 journals.


Dr. IRFAN ALI received B.Sc., M.Sc., M.Phil., and Ph.D. degrees from Aligarh Muslim University. He is currently working as a Senior Assistant Professor with the Department of Statistics and Operations Research at Aligarh Muslim University. He received the Post Graduate Merit Scholarship Award during his M.Sc. (statistics) and the UGC-BSR Scholarship awarded during his Ph.D. (statistics) programs. His research interests include Applied statistics, supply chain networks and management, mathematical programming, Fuzzy logic & optimization, multi-objective optimization, UN Sustainable Development Goals and Renewable Energy Production Modeling’s. He has supervised M.Sc., projects, M.Phil., dissertations and Ph.D. thesis under his supervision in operations research and applied statistics topics. He has completed a research project UGC–Start-Up Grant Project, UGC, New Delhi, India. He has published more than 100+ research articles in reputed journals and serves as a Reviewer for several journals. He has published several edited books for Springer and Taylor’s Francis, CRC press. He is a Lifetime Member of various professional societies: The Operational Research Society of India, the Indian Society for Probability and Statistics, the Indian Mathematical Society, and The Indian Science Congress Association. He delivered invited talks at several universities and Institutions. He also serves as an Associate Editor for some journals.