Keywords = Optimization
Number of Articles: 6
1. A Multi-Objective Optimization Model for the Resilience and Sustainable Supply Chain: A Case Study

Volume 7, Issue 1, Winter 2020, Pages 51-75


Mohammad Reza zamanian; Ehsan Sadeh; Zeinolabedin Amini Sabegh; Reza Ehtesham Rasi

5. The Use of Metaheuristics for a Stochastic Supply Chain Design Problem’s Resolution –A Comparison Study–

Volume 4, Issue 3, Summer 2017, Pages 193-201


Fouad Maliki; Mehdi Souier; Mohammed Dahane; Zaki Sari

6. An Efficient Genetic Algorithm to Solve the Intermodal Terminal Location problem

Volume 1, Issue 3, Autumn 2014, Pages 279-296


Mustapha Oudani; Ahmed El Hilali Alaoui; Jaouad Boukachour