Managing Food Supply Chains Post COVID-19: A Perspective

Document Type : Technical Note


National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management, Sonepat, India


The coronavirus (COVID-19) has already left its footprints over vast geography worldwide and the rest of the globe is also under a big threat to this ongoing pandemic. Its effect can be felt amongst every sector of the economic ecosystem, and one of the most severely affected components is the food sector. The impact of COVID-19 on food supply chains (FSCs), especially agriculture, has created grave concerns for food security globally. This paper presents a perspective on future FSCs and the predicted outcomes which are likely to occur post COVID-19 based on the plans, reviews of critical reports, and information made available to date. The food industry needs unprecedented safety, technology & policy-measures to shine again and to manage the supply chain operations. In this highly-connected world, technological innovations and improvisations will create more resilient and sustainable food supply chains. Further, key production and distribution challenges are also highlighted.


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