Ordering Logistics Management of Professional Standard Attribution of the Higher Education Specialist

Document Type : Technical Note


1 Faculty of Еconomics, Luhansk National Agrarian University, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2 Faculty of Technological Systems and Logistics, Petro Vasylenko Kharkiv National Technical University of Agriculture, Kharkiv, Ukraine


On the basis of the conducted analysis of the current framework of the professional standards of a higher education specialist in Australia and the United Kingdom there was determined the purpose of the study to substantiate the methodological principles for streamlining the attribution of the determination of the level of professional competence of a specialist in the field of higher education with the outline of the foundation descriptors in the context of the public management of the organization of remuneration. There were interpreted the basic principles and outlined distinctive-similar features in the presented standards; there was proposed the universalized construction of the mechanism of professional standard functioning with the use of a competency-based approach, that was generalized by the addition of the own term "personal professional effect" (PPE); there was presented the essence of the proposed term PPE in the form of a mathematical formula, which generalizes the purpose and tools for its achievement.