Analytical Dimension to Quality Check in Production Process through Control Charts

Document Type : Technical Note


Operations Management, KJ Somaiya Institute of Management studies and Research, Mumbai, India


Quality control is of paramount importance to any company in improving the product quality. Due to changing industry standards and competitive issues, embracing quality engineering techniques for strong operations support has become of prime importance to maintain and sustain competitive advantage. In this paper researcher intend to analyze the production line of a product, detect assignable variations in process and calculate the capability of the process using statistical Process Control. Methodology: Statistical Process Control (SPC) is a powerful collection of problem-solving tools useful in achieving manufacturing process stability and improving capability through the reduction of variability. Sample size of 50 measurements with subgroup size 5 is considered in plotting these data points using control charts. Since this is a variable data with subgroup size between 2 to 10, data is plotted with the help of X bar and R chart. Also to conclude on the capability of the process and check instability and level shift Process Capability and Process Capability Index is calculated. Result: The analysis of the process reveals that despite of absence of assignable causes of variation and process capability being more than 1, the process capability index was less than 1 concluding that the process mean has shifted which invites more introspection.


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