Keywords = Industry 4.0
BDA-enabler Architecture Based on Cloud Manufacturing: the Case of Chemical Industry

Volume 9, Issue 3, August 2022, Pages 251-263


Anass Sebbar; Karim Zkik; Amine Belhadi; Abderaouf Benghalia; Mohammed Boulmalf; Mohammed Ech-Cherif El Kettani

Influence of Information Flow on Logistics Management in the Industry 4.0 Era

Volume 8, Issue 1, February 2021, Pages 29-38


Ayodeji Dennis Adeitan; Clinton Aigbavboa; Olufemi Sylvester Bamisaye

Challenges and Benefits of Industry 4.0: an overview

Volume 5, Issue 3, August 2018, Pages 256-265


Mamad Mohamed